Meet the "filmmakers"

Filmmaker Video Mastermind and Skill Collector

Todd Blankenship


Todd wants to be a "filmmaker" and has done every type of job to get him to achieve his goal. He has collected more titles and skills than you can count on your fingers and toes. 

From the world of news to feature animation and television, cinematography to VFX, motion design to real-time 3D, he's really done it all. All except shooting a feature film on film. 

Follow along on his learning journey and pick up some new skills through his countless free tutorials and courses. 

Filmmaker Generalist of Too Many Things 

Michael Maher


Michael always wanted to be part of the film industry, so he started in the most logical place, selling insurance to film productions and studios. (He does not recommend taking that path.)

He's also worked as a cameraman, editor, lighting technician, actor, writer, propmaker, set decorator, and producer. 

Now he spends most of his time shooting behind-the-scenes videos, making weird things, YouTube thumbnails, and content marketing like this very website.

What is Am I A Filmmaker?

- or is it "What is Am I A Filmmaker??" Do I use two question marks? Oh great, now it's three... - 


This is just Todd and Mike as they are. Two guys trying to navigate this industry, pay their bills, and someday make an actual film shot on film. Until then, we will just keep learning and sharing new things.