Unleash the Power of Motion Capture

animation blender motion capture vfx Nov 08, 2023
Unleash the Power of Motion Capture - featured


Get Started with Motion Capture at Home with Affordable Hardware and Free Software

Animating characters has never been my strong suit—no pun intended. The intricacies of character animation always felt beyond my reach due to a lack of patience on my part. However, the landscape changed when I discovered a mix of free software and affordable hardware I could use in the comfort of my own home. 


The Rokoko Smartsuit Pro



Enter the game-changer—the Rokoko Smartsuit Pro. This suit provides a solution that goes beyond my expectations. Motion capture, a process I could once never imagine dreaming of being able to afford, became a tangible reality.

This video serves as a chronicle of my year-long exploration into the world of motion capture. From a beginner with limited animation skills, I am now able to animate 3D characters in Blender while I goofily walked around my office. 


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